New Compact & Feature-Packed Digital Mixer From DAP-Audio
Ideal for mobile DJs who are looking for a powerful but easily portable multi-channel mixer, the new GIG-202 TAB from DAP-Audio is ideal for mixing the sound for live bands, stage productions and even large wedding ceremonies.

The GIG-202 TAB is the first fully digital mixing console in the GIG range from Highlite International’s DAP-Audio brand. It is a compact mixer that offers all of the features of the bigger digital consoles available on the market, but in a smaller-sized unit with a lower price tag.

Offering a total of 20 input channels – 16 XLR / ¼” jack combo mono inputs along with 4 stereo 1/4” jack inputs – the GIG-202 TAB is capable of mixing even large bands and shows with lots of audio sources. It also offers 10 analogue outputs – a stereo Master pair along with 4 Aux sends (switchable between pre- and post-fade) and an additional 4 switchable Aux/Subgroups – offering plenty of connectivity to cover a wide variety of potential uses.

At the heart of the GIG-202’s digital interface is a 7” colour touchscreen with a user interface purposefully designed to be intuitive for both seasoned sound engineers as well as those with minimal experience. To help make this possible, the mixer has been designed with dedicated direct access buttons for all of the important features that are likely to be required during a performance. This enables the user to go directly to the desired function without getting lost in a complex menu structure. What’s more, the 100mm motorised fader is also automatically patched to the main parameter of the selected function, giving the console an ‘analogue’ feel in a fully digital environment.

The digital nature of the mixer means that lots of processing power is available that previously would have required separate outboard equipment. Digital Gate, Compression and 4-band parametric EQ can be applied to each input channel, while a full 31-band graphical EQ is available for each output channel.

Other features of the GIG-202 TAB include ¼” jack Inserts on the first 8 channels, ultra-low noise discrete preamps with +48V Phantom Power and two separate volume controlled headphone outputs. It also offers full 24-bit/48KHz sampling as well as 2-track USB recording and playback.

The DAP-Audio GIG-202 TAB is available now with a SSP of approximately £1,050.

Published: 13 May 2016