IMG Stageline Sponsors Pro Mobile Podcast
We are pleased to announce DJ equipment brand IMG Stageline as the official sponsor of the Pro Mobile Podcast. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, IMG Stageline has recently been re-branded prior to the launch of a range of new equipment, much of which is targeted at mobile DJs.

The Pro Mobile Podcast is a monthly audio programme featuring interviews with leading mobile DJ industry figures who discuss their careers and also offer advice for fellow DJs. IMG Stageline’s sponsorship of the Podcast will help to cover some of the costs of producing and hosting the programmes, which are free for listeners to stream or download.

“Having received a positive response from listeners so far, I’m pleased that IMG Stageline has now chosen to support the Pro Mobile Podcast as our official sponsor,” commented Pro Mobile’s Editor and Podcast Host, Eddie Short. “This will have no effect on the content of the Podcasts themselves, but will help to cover the costs associated with hosting them, which in turn will help to ensure the continued future of the Pro Mobile Podcast.”

Commenting on the sponsorship, Neil Clayton from IMG Stageline said, “It’s an exciting time for IMG Stageline; we’ve just undergone a successful rebranding and have setup a network of ‘Platinum Dealers’ across the UK who are stocking our range of innovative new products. We’ve got some great new lighting and audio products that are perfect for mobile DJs, but we’re also committed to supporting DJs in other ways and therefore we’re pleased to become the official sponsors of the Pro Mobile Podcast.”

Launched in March, guests on the Pro Mobile Podcast so far have been US-based DJ trainer Peter Merry, Wedding DJ Gary Evans-Osgood and Mastermix label manager Richard Lee. In just three months the Podcast has clocked up over 2,000 listens, with DJs tuning in online via SoundCloud, listening on their phones via the iTunes Podcast app, and downloading the Podcasts to listen to on their MP3 players.

Episode 4 of the Podcast will be released later this week.

Published: 15 June 2016