IMG STAGELINE’s Eye-Catching CUBE-630/LED Is Available Now
Following a recently announced rebrand, the first of a range of new products from IMG STAGELINE is now available. The extremely distinctive CUBE-630/LED is a moving light fixture that projects six bright coloured beams from its fast-moving cube-shaped head which is also adorned with twelve LED strips, one on each edge, for added visual effects.

Six 30W RGBW LEDs power the CUBE-630/LED’s six light beams, which each have a beam angle of 4-degrees. The unit’s six lenses are mounted on each side of the cube-shaped fixture, which means that beams are simultaneously projected in six different directions. In addition, each edge is fitted with an RGB LED strip which adds another dimension to this innovative retro-style lighting effect.

The cube’s yoke allows 630-degree pan movement, while continuous tilt rotation allows spinning effects to be created reminiscent of the pin-spot beams that spun in the ceilings of nightclubs in the 70s and 80s. However, this is very much a modern fixture that also offers 0-100% electronic dimming and variable speed strobing (1-25 flashes/second) to allow the creation of a wide-variety of effects ranging from energetic to subtle.

The CUBE-630/LED offers a variety of operational modes making it suitable for various applications. For easy setup users can choose sound-to-light mode or one of 10 pre-loaded lightshow programs. While for those wanting to integrate the CUBE-630/LED into a larger synchronised lighting system it can be controlled using DMX from either 15 or 37 channels.

In addition to the CUBE-630/LED another version, the CUBE-630/RGBW, is also available. This has all of the same features but without the LED strips. Both fixtures are available now and can be picked up for SSP’s of £699 for the CUBE-630/RGBW and £799 for the CUBE-630/LED.

Published: 16 April 2016