CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR Offers Spot, Beam AND Wash Effects
The latest addition to CHAUVET DJ’s range of moving head fixtures is the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR – an all-in-one moving head that morphs from spot to beam to wash. It offers an ideal toolkit for DJ lighting enthusiasts looking to transform any event space with powerful looks and high octane atmospherics.

Packing in a host of advanced features and fitted with an intense 140W discharge light engine, the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is ideal for projecting GOBO patterns, bathing a venue in diffuse light or creating dynamic beam effects. Dual, overlapping, independently-controlled prisms allow a huge level of creative potential, while motorized zoom - in beam, spot and wash modes – means that DJs can command full control of their moving light projections at all times.

While the Intimidator’s dual GOBO wheels – one with 17 (+ open) fixed metal patterns and the other offering 9 (+ open) interchangeable rotating slots – allow GOBO morphing for impressive effects, an advanced glass optical system also ensures that the motorized focus emits crisp projections at almost any distance. Meanwhile, an independent wheel offers 12 (+ open white) rich colour options as well as split colours and continuous scrolling at variable speed.

With a choice between 13- and 19-channel DMX control options, the unit boasts a full-colour display to facilitate mode selection and DMX addressing. It also features internal programmes to allow standalone operation – including a mobile-DJ-friendly ‘totem mode’ – and is compatible with CHAUVET DJ’s simple IRC-6 infrared remote. What’s more, it also offers user-programmable memory to allow the storage and recall of a custom static scene.

“With its spot, beam and wash modes, the Intimidator 140SR offers three incredible lighting tools in one practical package,” said Chauvet DJ Senior Product Manager Allan Reiss. “Thanks to its rugged build quality, the fixture is able to provide powerful and dynamic looks for all manner of events and purposes. We look forward to hearing about the wide scope of projects the fixture has been incorporated in!”

Due to arrive in the UK before the end of 2016, the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is available to pre-order now from many leading DJ equipment retailers for approximately £1,300.

Published: 23 November 2016