ADJ’s New Focus Spot One Offers Motorised Focus From A Compact And Affordable Fixture
ADJ has announced the expansion of its Focus Series with the introduction of the new Focus Spot One. Sitting at the start of the Focus line-up, the new fixture is extremely compact and affordable, however it has a feature-set to rival far larger and more expensive fixtures.

Housing a powerful 35-watt white LED light-source, as well as the added bonus of a separate 3W UV LED, the Focus Spot One is capable of creating impressive pattern projections as well as impactful mid-air beam effects. Its diminutive size makes it ideal for mobile applications where vehicle space is at a premium, however this small form doesn’t limit its output or features, which are unprecedented for a unit of this size and in this price bracket.

As with all the Focus Series units, the Focus Spot One boasts remote electronic focus adjustment, a feature that previously hasn’t been seen on a fixture in this class. It means that GOBO projections can be kept sharp, regardless of the distance between the fixture and the projection surface.

Another key feature of the Focus Spot One is EZ GOBO change. Not only are the unit’s six GOBOs replaceable to allow custom pattern projection, but changing a GOBO is an extremely simple task. Just one screw needs to be removed in order to swing open the top lid and access the GOBO wheel. Individual GOBOs are then easy to slide in and out, meaning that patterns can be changed on-the-fly between events. As standard, the unit is supplied with six varied patterns, including a multi-coloured glass GOBO, some of which are ideal for generating mid-air beam effects while others are suited to creating textured projections on the floor, ceiling, or walls of a room.

Not only does the Focus Spot One allow EZ GOBO replacement, but all of the GOBOs can be rotated at variable speed in either direction. The GOBO rotation is also indexed, which means that custom GOBOs – such as corporate logos – can be programmed via DMX to appear in the correct orientation every time, regardless of the projection angle.

In addition to the GOBO wheel, the Focus Spot One also features an independent colour wheel loaded with eight vibrant colours. The wheel can also be set to a position between two adjacent colours in order to add even more interest to projections with split-colour effects. What’s more, the in-built UV LED means that the unit can also be used to bath a venue with ultraviolet light to make white and florescent materials spring to life.

With a beam angle of 16-degrees, the fixture is ideal for projecting GOBOs over short-to-medium distances and its compact size makes it a very agile mover. It is able to shoot through its wide 540-degree tilt and 240-degree pan angles at speed, but – thanks to micro-stepping motors – is also capable of smooth slow sweeps and precisely positioned static projections. The unit’s expansive feature set is completed by 0-100% digital dimming – with five selectable curves, GOBO shake, variable speed digital strobing and random slow to fast pulse effects.

Offering a wide variety of control options, the Focus Spot One is equally suited to lighting novices looking for a ‘plug and play’ solution as it is to lighting professionals who need exacting control of every feature of their lighting fixtures. It comes pre-programmed with four different and varied built-in lightshows, which can be run in either Show Mode – at a set speed – or in Sound Active Mode – triggered by the beat of the music by an internal microphone. These pre-set lightshows can be set to run on a single fixture, or across multiple units linked together by XLR cables in a Master/Slave configuration. For a simple to setup but impressive lightshow, the Pan or Tilt movement of individual fixtures can also be inverted to create synchronized mirrored movements.

For simple control of the inbuilt lightshows, the Focus Spot One is also compatible with the ADJ UC IR remote (sold separately), which allows selection between the four lightshows as well as control of GOBO, COLOUR, Strobe and BLACKOUT functions. The unit is also compatible with ADJ’s new Airstream IR app, which allows the same control from an iOS tablet or phone.

For professional users, all of the Focus Spot One’s expansive set of features can be accessed remotely via DMX. A choice of two DMX control modes – 15 and 17 channel – is available and DMX addressing, as well as mode selection, is easy using the backlit LCD menu panel on the front of the unit’s base. The fixture is also flexible when it comes to its positioning; it is supplied with an Omega bracket for truss mounting and is also fitted with rubber feet allowing it to stand directly on a stage or speaker.

As well as being extremely compact, measuring 197mm x 221mm x 360mm (LxWxH), the Focus Spot One is also lightweight, at 5.7 kgs. Despite its small size, this is a professional fixture, and it is accordingly equipped with locking PowerCON AC input and output sockets. The inclusion of the output connection means that the mains power supply for multiple fixtures can be linked together, reducing the number of cables required for a multi-fixture setup. Up to 35 Focus Spot Ones can be connected together at 240V!

“The mission of ADJ is to provide our customers with lighting fixtures that are affordable, reliable and packed with useful features,” said ADJ USA National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “I think we’ve really achieved that goal with the new Focus Spot One. This incredibly compact fixture is packed with pro features previously unthinkable for a unit of its size and price. I’m particularly excited about its GOBO projection potential. With motorized focus, GOBO Indexing and EZ GOBO replacement, the Focus Spot One will open up a new realm of creativity for mobile entertainers and other professional lighting users.”

Perfect for mobile DJs, the Focus Spot One is available from ADJ dealers across the UK and Ireland now.

Published: 27 November 2016