Adam Hall Announces LD Systems CURV 500
The new CURV 500 is Adam Halls latest addition to its LD Systems range, offering mobile DJs a compact curved line array that produces a powerful sound while remaining efficient, highly portable, and fully scalable for far- and near-field applications.

The new CURV 500 has been in development by LD Systems for three years, responding to the increasing popularity of portable but powerful line arrays. The units column speakers can be equipped with up to four modular curbed arranged array satellites, resulting in clear, three-dimensional sound reproduction, similar to that produced by larger line arrays. Mobile DJs can also configure the system for use in a range of situations, whether theyre working small function rooms, weddings marquees or even larger venues.

LD Systems has also fitted the CURV 500 with WaveAhead technology, which ensures high definition audio. Developed by LD Systems, the new technology consists of three tweeters vertically arranged in front of a powerful woofer, allowing the sound to be combined and distributed more effectively. This quality sound is further ensured thanks to the curved aluminium casing in which the speakers are housed.

Mobile DJs can also enjoy plug and play operation thanks to the inclusion of the companys SMARTLINK adaptor. Users can connect up to four satellite speakers using a simple click mechanism; the adaptor also connects the speaker to the subwoofer, which acts as a control unit for the whole system. Microphones and laptops can be easily connected to the subs four-channel digital mixer, while integrated Bluetooth means DJs can wirelessly connect their smartphone, tablet or laptop for easy music playback.

Integrating trendsetting and sophisticated technology in a compact, versatile cube that was the most exciting part of this amazing venture, said Martin Jung, describing the process involved in bringing the CURV 500 to life.

Thanks to its progressive features and compact portable design, the CURV 500 can be used by mobile DJs for a range of applications and easily taken on the road. Also equipped with practical features such as built-in Bluetooth, users can easily connect their devices to the CURV 500 through wireless, as part of a flexible, mobile setup.

Published: 03 May 2015