Four New Effect Lights From Chauvet DJ
At the NAMM trade show, that is currently taking place in California (19th – 22nd January), Chauvet DJ has unveiled four new additions to its range of effects lighting fixtures. The Helicopter Q6, FXarray Q5, Rotosphere Q3 and FXpar 3 are all LED-powered units that offer a new take on an established lighting fixture type.

The most interesting of CHAUVET DJ’s new products is the Helicopter Q6, which puts a modern twist on the classic helicopter effect. This innovative fixture features a rotating base onto which are attached six adjustable RGBW spotlights. A multi-effect unit, in addition to its six spot beams the Helicopter Q6 also features a circle of white SMD strobe LEDs as well as a red/green pattern laser, making it a unique fixture for dazzling and energizing a dancefloor.

Another innovative addition to the CHAUVET DJ range, the FXarray Q5 is a two-in-one wash fixture that not only offers room-filling swathes of light, but also the potential for impressive eye candy effects. It features five 6W RGB+UV wash LEDs, arranged in an arc for maximum room coverage, as well as 30 RGB SMD LEDs that can be controlled independently to the main wash LEDs in order to create eye-catching effects.

The new Rotosphere Q3 is a mirror ball simulator effect powered by five 7W RGBW LEDs. It features three LED zones, which mean that up to three different colours can be emitted simultaneously, while its variable rotation speed means that it is capable of generating slow, romantic looks as well as fast-moving, energetic effects. When mounted with the included bracket on truss or placed on a stand, the Rotosphere Q3 has the ability to immerse even large rooms in a lattice of mesmerizing light beams.

“The timeless mirror ball look is taken one step further with the Rotosphere Q3 thanks to the fixture’s simultaneous three colour output,” commented CHAUVET DJ Senior Product Manager Allan Reiss. “As a result, the Rotosphere is sure to make an excellent addition for all manner of events and occasions.”

Finally, CHAUVET DJ has used NAMM 2017 to launch a new addition to its FXpar range of multi-effect par fixtures. The new FXpar 3 features three 8W RGB+UV wash LEDs, 18 RGB SMD LEDs for eye candy effects, and 27 cool white SMD strobe LEDs, all combined into a single par fixture.

Published: 21 January 2017