ADJ Introduces Two 4-In-1 Effects
At the recent NAMM trade show in the US, ADJ unveiled two new 4-in-1 lighting effects. Both of these new fixtures combine LED-powered beam and wash effects with red and green cluster lasers to create a varied lightshow from one single unit.

The Boom Box FX1 and Boom Box FX2 are multi-effect fixtures that each offer four separate lighting effects from a single compact case. Expanding ADJ’s Startec range of affordable and reliable effect lighting fixtures, both the new units are housed in the same distinctive casing which incorporates rubber feet as well as a flexible hanging bracket.

The Boom Box FX1 features a party dome moonflower effect that projects countless beams of shimming, swaying, and spinning light, while the Boom Box FX2 offers a mesmerizing sweeping-GOBO effect. Both fixtures also incorporate a Galaxian-style red and green cluster laser, eight RGBA 1W wash LEDs, and an LED-powered mini Dekker-style beam effect.

Thanks to the flexible hanging bracket, the Boom Box FX1 and FX2 fixtures can hang from a truss, T-bar, or goalpost stand. Using an O-clamp, they can even fix to the upright pole of a tripod, allowing them to be rigged to a speaker stand. This makes the units incredibly flexible and, as they are each essentially four lights in one, just one unit on a stand is enough to create a full lightshow in a small room, while a pair are powerful enough to fill a larger space.

“2016 was a stellar year for ADJ and 2017 is set to be even better, with lots of exciting new products on the horizon,” enthused ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “The Stinger Series, 3-FX-IN-1, were a big trend in 2016 with the aim of making it easier and quicker to setup a mobile lighting system or install a lighting rig in a bar or small club. We are furthering that trend in 2017 with the 4-FX-IN-1 Boom Box Series. Packing in four very different impactful effects into each compact fixture, these affordable units are the ultimate all-in-one party starters guaranteed to bring pure lighting excitement!”

The ADJ Boom Box FX 1 and Boom Box FX 2 are both due to arrive in UK stores in March.

Published: 30 January 2017