ADJ Introduces New Range Of Wireless Up-lighters
ADJ has recently announced the imminent release of its new Element Series, a collection of elegantly-designed battery-powered, long distance wireless DMX par fixtures specifically created for up-lighting. Featuring models that utilize both quad colour and hex colour LEDs, as well as options with IP-rated weather-resistant construction, the Element Series covers every situation where up-lighting may be required.

The Element QA incorporates six 5-Watt 4-in-1 RGBA (Red, Green, Blue and Amber) LEDs and, through smooth colour mixing, can be used to create a seemingly unlimited palette of colours, including warm shades of orange that couldn’t be achieved using older RGB LED technology. With a beam angle of 14-degrees, the unit creates intense swathes of coloured light that are ideal for accentuating walls, pillars and other architectural elements.

The Element QAIP utilizes the same LED light-source as the Element QA but has the added advantage of an IP-rated weather-proof casing. Certified to the IP54 standard, which means that it is protected from dust and also splashes of water from all directions, this useful lighting tool allows wireless up-lighting to be used for outdoor events even in wet weather. The creative potential offered by this fixture is immense, allowing building facades, statues, trees, marquees and other features to be illuminated with impactful colour washes at outdoor events.

The Element HEX features four 10-Watt RGBAW+UV (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White + UV) LEDs. The inclusion of a white element within the LEDs allows for true bright white illumination while the UV component means that electric shades of pink and purple can be created. With a slightly wider beam angle of 20-degrees, this fixture is ideal for highlighting larger areas of wall with vibrant colour washes.

The Element HEXIP offers the ultimate in wireless up-lighting. It combines the same 6-in-1 LEDs as the Element HEX but fitted into an IP54-rated enclosure. This allows literally any hue or shade of colour to be created absolutely anywhere, indoors or out, with no need for power or signal cables.

All four of the models are fitted with wireless DMX receivers that utilize ADJ’s WiFLY EXR (extended range) technology. This means that they are capable of receiving a wireless control signal from a compatible ADJ WiFLY EXR controller or transceiver from a distance of up to 2,500 feet (700M). In addition to DMX, the units can also be controlled wirelessly via infrared using either ADJ’s UC-IR remote or Airstream IR iPad/iPhone control system (both sold separately). They can also run in standalone mode, with a 4-digit LED display on the back panel providing a menu-driven interface that allows access to preset colour macros, automatic colour change and fade patterns, as well as full colour mixing.

Every fixture in the range is also fitted with a powerful lithium ion battery which allows 11 hours of continuous illumination (single colour) between charges. The advanced system also offers quick charging, which means that connection to a power for just 4.5 hours is enough to return the battery to full capacity.

Power input and output sockets – in the form of IEC connections – are located on the base of the unit and can be used to connect together multiple fixtures for charging, or for mains-powered operation if Element Series up-lighters are required for more than 11 hours of continuous use. XLR input and output sockets are also included to allow the fixtures to be used as part of a traditional cabled DMX system should a WiFLY controller or transceiver not be available.

“Our new Element Series makes use of the latest technology to create up-lighting par fixtures that offer both impressive output and complete flexibly,” commented ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Up-lighting is a fantastic way for lighting professionals and mobile entertainers to transform an event space, bringing it to life with richly-coloured light, but setting up older cabled fixtures can be an extremely time-consuming – and often awkward – process. However, a whole room full of Element Series fixtures – with their integral rechargeable batteries and WiFLY EXR wireless DMX receivers – can be setup in a matter of minutes, making life easier for lighting users as well as allowing for much faster setup times. The IP54-rated models also extend the scope of potential for up-lighting, allowing it be safely and reliability deployed for temporary outdoor events.”

Ideal for wall washing, the Element Series fixtures are all fitted with an integral carry handle and in-built feet which mean they can simply be dropped in place and are ready to go. They also feature a built-in kickstand which allows the beam to be easily angled inwards towards a wall if required. This creates a more intense wash and minimizes light spill onto the ceiling above. Measuring 140 x 140 x 190.5mm (LxWxH), the Element Series fixtures are also discrete and, with a low weight of 2.9kg per unit, they are also easy to store, transport and setup.

The Element Series fixtures will be able from ADJ retailers in the UK in the Autumn.

Published: 18 August 2017