D.A.S Audio Enters The DJ Market
Although less well-known in the UK, D.A.S Audio is a leading professional loudspeaker manufacturer headquartered in Valencia, Spain. Having previously concentrated on the installation and touring markets, particularly in mainland Europe, D.A.S is now setup with a solid UK distributor – Vortice AV – and has recently launched a new range of powerful, feature-packed and affordable speakers that are ideal for mobile DJs.

Featuring powerful Class D amplification and onboard DSP, the new Altea range includes both 12” and 15” models arranged across two tiers, the keenly-priced 400 Series and more advanced 700 Series. Passive models are also available at both sizes in each of the two series, which means the Altea range has a speaker suitable for every application.

The Altea-715A and Altea-712A are the high-powered models of the Altea Series. They are each equipped with 1500W (peak) Class D two-channel amplifiers that provide extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion. Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing and the DAScontrol interface allows users to configure voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ modes, delay and source mixing by way of a high-end 24-bit DSP and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. The DASlink app can also be used to remotely control the DSP functions and to wirelessly stream music from mobile devices in high-definition stereo.

The Altea-415A and Altea-412A share the same high-tech enclosure as the Altea 700 Series, but with Class D two-channel amplifiers that provide a total of 800W (peak) of power. A 24-bit DSP still provides control over voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ modes, delay and source mixing, but without the option for wireless remote control. The Altea 400 models feature professional-grade MI Series loudspeakers which provide precise low frequency reproduction with excellent musicality, while the high frequencies are handled by an M-32 compression driver with 1” exit.

All of the powered speakers across the Altea range feature two main inputs, each with dedicated level controls and combination XLR / ¼” jack input sockets. An additional ‘Aux’ input is provided in the form of a 3.5mm mini jack and an XL output socket is also included to allow the use of a separate sub enclosure or additional full-range speaker.

The Altea Series speakers will be available in the UK soon with the 415A priced at £490.80 and the retail price of the 715A set to be £718.80.


Published: 29 September 2017