Equinox Announces New 3 x 2m Truss System!
The new 3 x 2m Truss System is the latest addition to Prolight Concepts’ Equinox range and has been designed with mobile DJs in mind. Offering users flexibility and choice, the 'goalpost' truss system is available in powder-coated black or white, while Prolight also offers extension legs as an optional add-on.

This complete truss system is made of all-metal, quad-style trussing and comes in three easy-to-build pieces, making it easy for users to transport as part of a mobile setup. Adding to this convenience and portability, the system comes complete with fixings and its horizontal bar comes as one section, folding in the middle, allowing users to quickly dismantle and assemble the trussing for speedier set-up and tear-down times.

In terms of space, the Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System remains compact during transit but gives mobile DJs enough room to mount multiple lighting fixtures and other products on during gigs and events. The whole system weighs in at 32kg and when erected will hold a maximum load of 100kg, while the system’s inner dimensions measure 2 x 3m.

“Our new 3 x 2m Truss System further complements the rapidly expanding Equinox stand and truss range,” explained Bernie Marsh, General Manager for Prolight Concepts. “Offering ease of assembly and portability, in a choice of black or white finishes, and with the availability of leg extension pieces, this system is unprecedented at its remarkably low price point.”

For mobile DJs wishing to extend the height of the truss system, Equinox also offers all-metal extensions legs as an optional add-on. These legs are made from quad-style trussing and measure 0.5m in height, allowing users to increase the height of the ‘goalpost’ system to 2.5m.

Both the Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System and the optional extension legs are available in black or white power-coated finishes. The new products will be available from mid-June 2015 at an SSP of £349.


Published: 17 May 2015