W Audio Releases New Presenter Portable PA System!
The Prolight Concepts brand W Audio has released its compact new Presenter Portable PA System, which includes two speakers and a powered mixer, offering mobile DJs a portable but powerful PA solution that delivers quality sound.

Combining two ABS loudspeakers and a built-in mixer amplifier, the Presenter Portable PA System is an easy-to-use PA solution that is ideal for mobile DJs operating in smaller spaces thanks to its compact, lightweight design and quality sound reproduction.

The package is made up of two 8” speakers, one powered mixer, two 6m speaker cables, one mic (with cable), two 35mm stand adaptors and one microphone stand adaptor, giving users all the kit they need to setup an effective PA system with speed and ease. The setup can be easily completed with W Audio’s separately sold Speaker Stand Kit.

Speaking of the new product, Bernie Marsh, General Manager for Prolight Concepts, said: “Whatever your gig, whether it be music or speech, the Presenter PA System is both compact and versatile, further bolstering W Audio’s ever-expanding audio range.”

In addition to its lightweight design and powerful speaker spec (totalling 240Wrms), mobile DJs can also utilise the smart storage found in the back of each cabinet; with space for one to house the removable mixer, and the other the microphone and cables.

The Presenter Portable PA System is available to order now at an SSP of £299.00.


Published: 12 June 2015