Gemini DJ Launches Flexible GMX Drive Controller
DJ equipment manufacturer Gemini DJ has released the new GMX Drive, a versatile multi-format media controller that enables DJs to playback all forms of digital music, as well as acting as a software controller when linked to a laptop running Virtual DJ and other control applications.

Great for mobile DJs using various musical formats, the new GMX Drive is a USB/MIDI software controller that lets them play tracks from USB drives and CDs, as well as working with Virtual DJ and other control software when hooked up to a laptop or device. The controller is fitted with two slot-in CD drives and also offers playback for MP3 and WAV files from a USB device.

Fitted with eight large performance pads per deck and a newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheel, the GMX Drive offers users intuitive control, while its brushed surface, high-contrast screens and backlit function buttons ensure a professional look and feel usually associated with more expensive models.

The controller’s 2-channel mixer utilises 3-band EQ and gain control on each channel, as well as housing a front ¼-inch mic input (with gain control) and balanced XLR and RCA master outputs. Mobile DJs wishing to get creative with their mixing can do so using the GMX’s advanced features, including hot cues, auto/manual loop, reverse, and filter for each deck.

“We are very excited to announce the release of the GMX Drive into our range,” said Ikey Cabasso, Vice President of Sales for Gemini DJ. “We feel we’ve designed the ultimate in flexible DJ tools.”

Andy Williams, the Sales Director of Lamba (Gemini’s UK distributor) was equally as enthusiastic about the launch of the GMX Drive, saying: “We are delighted to introduce the Gemini GMX Drive into the UK. This is an extremely versatile controller for working DJs who need to be able to play from all the common digital formats and sources as well as the ability to operate their laptop’s DJ software.”

The GMX Drive comes complete with Virtual DJ LE software and is available now from selected retailers.

Published: 22 June 2015