Kam Introduces New Spin4 DJ Lighting Effect
Kam has just released the Spin4, a classic disco lighting effect updated with the latest LED technology. Boasting four rotating barrel-mirrors, the Spin4 blasts a myriad of moving coloured beams across a large area making it an ideal centrepiece fixture for a mobile DJ lighting rig.

The mirror barrel has been a much-used weapon in the armoury of mobile DJs for many years. Like the timeless mirrorball, the angled mirrors on the spinning barrels project multi-colour light beams across a wide area for venue filling-effects.

The easy-to-use Spin4 has been designed to work right out of the box using the Auto shows and the Sound-to-Light capabilities that DJs expect from their lights. In addition, the unit has DMX control in the shape of a simple 1-channel mode or a more versatile 10-channel option. The Spin4 also has an easily set up Master/Slave mode for linking multiple units together for even bigger shows.

Each one of the light sources on the Kam Spin4 is capable of producing variable colours thanks to the 4-in-1 red, green, blue and white LEDs housed in the unit. This means that the old-fashioned disco traffic light design has been discounted in favour of a whole new lighting experience. For example, using DMX, DJs can tailor the colours of the unit’s fast-moving light beams to match the specific colour scheme of a particular event or opt for a white light only show for massive impact.

The Spin4 is robustly built for the rigours of road with an adjustable hanging bracket and full metal chassis. The unit can even be floor mounted for interesting low level effects.

Andy Williams, Sales Director for Lamba (the company behind the Kam brand), said “this is another exciting addition to our lighting range and I’m very proud to bring the Spin4 to the DJ community. As a sometime DJ myself, I know that ‘classic’ effects are often called that for a reason”.

Look out for a full review of the Kam Spin4 in the July/August edition of Pro Mobile magazine due out this week.


Published: 29 June 2015