Transcension LED Master 64 Software Update Now Available
Prolight Concepts brand Transcension has released the V1.5 software update for its popular LED Master 64 DMX controller, giving mobile DJs a range of new features with which to control their lightshows in exciting new ways.

Now available from Prolight Concepts, the most recent software update for the Transcension LED Master 64 DMX controller allows users to patch a virtual dimmer for any fixtures that do not feature their own on-board dimmer channels. This new virtual dimmer feature lets users adjust the settings and intensity of all functions, including manual colours, fades and chases.

The popular LED Master 64 controller from Transcension gives users the ability to assign/patch all of its eight channels, giving mobile DJs the option to tailor the controller to the DMX channels of their lighting fixtures for a more effective display. Users can select eight groups of fixtures and, once assigned, the controller’s channels allow it to synchronise the colours of multiple fixtures, regardless of their manufacturer.

Now, with the arrival of Transcension’s new software update, users can also control the intensity of these colours, as well as the fixtures’ fades and chases. The controller also offers an easy-navigation LED display, eight pre-set colour buttons and four operational modes (Auto Chase, Sound Chase, Manual Control and Fade).

Users can download the V1.5 software now, from the Transcension product page on the Prolight Concepts website. The software can be loaded onto the LED Master 64 controller using a standard USB stick (2GB max).

Published: 22 July 2015