Prolight Concepts Releases Cost-Effective Equinox Beamer!
Prolight Concepts brand Equinox has released its budget-conscious new Beamer effect – a compact LED fixture that enables mobile DJs to create multi-coloured, four-way beam effects for an eye-catching sound-to-light display.

The new Equinox Beamer utilises four 3W LEDs (one red, one green, one blue and one white) and a tight 1.3⁰ beam angle, giving users the ability to create sharp, bright beam effects in various colours. Mobile DJs can use these concise beams to cut through fog and haze, making the Beamer well-suited to bringing colourful overhead effects to the dance-floor.

Prolight has equipped the Equinox Beamer with an effective Sound Active mode, allowing for plug-and-play usage and making it easy for mobile DJs to produce lighting displays that flash and chase in time with music. The sensitivity of the unit’s in-built microphone can also be adjusted depending on the user’s needs.

“The Beamer from Equinox is a cost effective solution providing pin sharp, penetrating coloured beams, from a compact and lightweight yet robust housing,” said Bernie Marsh, Prolight Concepts General Manager.

Contained inside a lightweight housing (weighing just 1.43kg) with compact dimensions (163 x 464 x 153mm), the Beamer is portable and therefore ideal for use in any mobile setup. Prolight also supplies the fixture with a hanging bracket, allowing mobile DJs to position the Beamer on the ground, for upward facing beam effects, or hang it from truss for overhead displays.

The Equinox Beamer is available now from Prolight Concepts.

Published: 02 August 2015