Prolight Releases New Equinox Promo Spot
Prolight Concepts has released the latest addition to its Equinox range. The Equinox Promo Spot is high-output GOBO projector capable of crisp imagery and allows mobile DJs to enhance their events with a range of GOBOs and logos.

The new Equinox Promo Spot is fitted with one 25W LED and offers a beam angle of 17⁰, enabling users to create sharp, bright beams of light that cast patterns, DJ business details, company logos, and the names of wedding couples or guests, onto the walls, ceilings and floors at a wide range of events and private parties.

As well as this bright light source and concise beam angle, the Promo Spot also comes with 11 easily replaceable rotating GOBOs and a manual focus that allows users to make projections that are crisp and precise. Mobile DJs can even print their own GOBOs, for temporary use, by using standard transparency film up to 1mm.

“With the Promo Spot you can now project super-sharp, bright GOBOs or logos at your events or installations,” said Bernie Marsh, Prolight Concepts General Manager. “This new product from the ever-expanding Equinox range is a cost-effective solution that even gives you the option of printing your own personalised GOBOs, adding an extra dimension to your set-up.”

In terms of operation, users have control over the unit’s rotation, as well as being able to stop and reverse the rotation, allowing mobile DJs to bring moving GOBO patterns and logos to an event or venue while controlling the movement.

With compact measurements (196 x 180 x 215mm) and a low weight of just 1.7kg, the Equinox Promo Spot is portable and therefore well-suited to the needs of DJs on the road.

The Equinox Promo Spot is available now from Prolight Concepts.

Published: 10 September 2015