Prolight Concepts Releases Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System
The Prolight Concepts Group has released the new Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System, providing mobile DJs with a truss goalpost system that ensures easy transport and a quick setup while offering a sturdy solution for mounting their lighting fixtures and effects.

The 2 x 2m Truss System from Equinox is an all-metal construction that comprises three pieces of quad-style trussing, making it easy to transport and build; the top truss is hinged and folds in half, while the feet and leg supports fold flat against the truss uprights. This means the system has a small footprint, making it manageable and well-suited to the needs of mobile DJs.

The new system comes complete with fixings and is available in a white or black powder-coated finish, so mobile users can ensure their Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System matches the rest of their setup for a uniform finish. The white is particularly useful for weddings and marquee events where a light, stylish look is required.

“Our new 3 x 2m Truss System further compliments the rapidly expanding Equinox stand and truss range,” said Bernie Marsh, General Manager, Prolight Concepts Group. “Offering ease of assembly and portability in a choice of black or white finishes, and with the availability of leg extension pieces, this system is unprecedented at its remarkably low price point.”

For those who want to extend the height of the system, optional 0.5m extension legs are also available from manufacturer Equinox. These legs are also made from quad-style trussing and will increase the total height of the system to 2.5m.

In terms of overall weight, the Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System (including two uprights and one horizontal) comes in at 32kg and supports an evenly distributed maximum load of 100kg. Relatively lightweight, even with the additional legs (weighing 2.5kg each), the system is ideal for taking on the road and can be easily lifted and moved by a mobile DJ working alone.

The Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System is available now at an SSP of £349.00.

Published: 05 November 2015