Equinox Introduces Two Low-Cost All-In-One Lightshow Products
The new Equinox Micropar Bar System and Mircobar Multi System are two new all-in-one lighting systems from the Prolight Concepts Group that each include four lighting fixtures pre-wired to a T-bar and supplied complete with a tripod stand. Priced at £109 and £115 respectively, these compact, yet effective, products offer an incredibly affordable one-stop lighting solution.

The Micropar Bar System features four independent par cans each loaded with 12 1W LEDs (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue, and 3 white) mounted to a powered T-bar. This bar requires a single mains power input and features an LED display with 4 push buttons that can be used to select Auto, Sound Active, Master/Slave, and DMX control options.

The Microbar Multi System, on the other hand, combines two similar par cans with two beam effect fixtures. Both powered by 10W quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs, there is one Derby fixture and one Moonflower unit.

Both of these lighting systems come supplied with an adjustable height tripod stand and a pair of light-weight carry bags (one for the lighting bar and another for the stand). They are also both supplied as standard with an infrared remote control that can be used to select between the various operating modes, and alter their parameters, remotely.

“These two new bar systems are at a new unprecedented price point for the performance and features they have included. These are the first in a new line of low priced bar systems from The Prolight Concepts Group”, said Bernie Marsh, General Manager for the Prolight Concepts Group.

The Equinox Microbar Multi System and Micropar Bar System are available now from Prolight Concepts Group dealers across the UK and Ireland.


Published: 09 February 2017