Prolight’s LEDJ Brand Releases New Beam Batten Effects!
Prolight Concepts has added two LED beam-batten fixtures to its LEDJ brand of lighting solutions, supplying mobile DJs with two versions – cool-white and quad-colour – that feature independently-controlled LEDs and create bright, concise long-throw beams.

Both the Vector Beam and Vector Beam Quad utilise two LED bars that house eight convection-cooled LEDs, allowing users to produce powerful, multi-beam effects. Furthermore, the new models produce narrow beams thanks to a tight 3⁰ beam angle, but where the Vector Beam is fitted with 9W cool-white LEDs, the Vector Beam Quad uses eight 10W quad-colour CREE LEDs to offer stunning colour effects.

When combined with the individually-controlled LEDs, the two-batten movement, facilitated by 180⁰ tilt with auto correction, enables both models to send tight beams sweeping through the air, making the Vector Beam and Vector Beam Quad ideal for use by mobile DJs that want to liven up their lightshow. Further enhancing their display, users can also trigger variable strobe effects and control the intensity using 0-100% dimming.

The multi-beam effects of these new fixtures can be replicated by connecting multiple units; either in DMX mode or Sound Active mode, thanks to the 3/5-pin XLR in/out sockets on the rear of the unit allowing users to master/slave or DMX-link them.

While in DMX mode, the Vector Beam lets users choose between 1, 12 and 16-channel settings, while the Vector Beam Quad offers 1, 36 and 40-channel modes. In addition to Sound Active and DMX modes, both models also offer Auto mode, as well as a number of built-in programs.

“These contrasting battens have the ability to generate superb lightshows with a multitude of options,” explained Bernie Marsh, General Manager at Prolight Concepts. “The units swing back and forth with 8 tight beams of light but have an added twist: the batten is divided into two individually controllable 4-way bars, creating multi-beam effects that will stun audiences.”

The Vector Beam and Vector Beam Quad both weigh in at the same low weight of 8.7kg and offer compact dimensions (156 x 1066 x 80mm), making them portable and therefore well-suited for taking on the road as part of a more extensive lightshow. Both models also include quick-release Omega clamps, enabling users to mount their fixtures safely, as well as setup and pack down quickly and efficiently.

The Vector Beam and Vector Beam Quad are available now at an SSP of £369/£449.

Published: 23 May 2015